diggy imagines

Diggy simmons imagine pt. 1

diggy has recently been added to a tour known as “scream tour”

you usually never go on tour with him but for some reason he wants you to tag along this time. You and diggy have been friends since you two were very young, two years old to be exact.

People would always pick on you for being the smallest out of everyone else, but as soon as you would tell diggy he would defend you in a heartbeat. you would do the same for him when people made fun of him.

you two are like brother and sister.

it’s about 7:00 am and you are up and starting to get ready. Diggy said he would tell the tour bus driver to stop at your house so you wouldn’t have to worry about a ride. you throw on some ripped skinny jeans, a loose tank top, sandals and put your hair in a messy bun.

right when you get done putting on your lipgloss and eyeliner you hear a knock at the door. you grab your heavy bags and rush to the front door, you open it and diggy is standing there with a big smile on his face.

“YN! you look great!” diggy says hugging you. “thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself” you say smiling. “here let me get that for you” diggy says softly grabbing your bags from you “let’s go”

you and diggy head into the huge tour bus. as the door closes the bus starts to move. “so where will i be sleeping?” you ask looking around the bus. “oh well see, there’s a little bit of a problem, there is only two beds” diggy says. “how is that a problem?” you ask.

“well, that’s where i have to put my stuff soo…” diggy says sratching his head. you roll your eyes and fold your arms. “well then where am i going to sleep?” you ask. “um i guess you’re going to have to share a bed with me” diggy says shrugging

“alright, i guess” you say. diggy puts your bags in the other bed along with his as he sits down to play the xbox

“so what do you do for fun on tour?” you ask as you sit next to him. “anything i would do if i wasn’t on tour” he answers. “like what?” you ask. “play b-ball, xbox, prank people, the usual. only difference is that you haven’t been here to do all that with me” diggy softly says



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 2

“what do you eman by that?” you ask. “i mean, i miss doing stuff with you like normal kids” he says. “well let’s be honest, you were never really normal, i mean you’re rev run’s son”.you say ”true, but when i used to be with you all the time i felt like i was normal” diggy says

“awww you’re such a sweet talker” you say playfully pushing diggy. “i know” diggy says popping his collar. “you are too much Daniel!” you say laughing. “you still go with Alex?” diggy asks. “no, why?” you say

“just wondering, he was an asshole!” diggy says. “i don’t even know wy you dated him in the first place! he never treated you right”. “wamp wamp wamp wamp you sound like my mom” you say laughing. diggy playfully pushes you

“speaking of dating, what’s up with you and jessica? people are talking about you two all over twitter” you ask putting one hand under your chin. “well, uh things just didn’t work out” diggy says “so in other words, she cheated”. “dang!” you say softly

“yeah but it’s what ever” diggy say shrugging.



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 3

“yeah, but anyways. i’m glad you could come with me!” diggy says “hey, are you staying with me til’ the tour is over?”

“yup!” you say smiling. “great!” he says “aye you know my little bros Mb are on this tour too right?”. “well no duh diggy” you say laughing

diggy laughs and says “we should be at the arena any minute now”. butterflies start to build up in your belly, even though it won’t be you on stage.

diggy peeps out the tour bus window and sees a sea of fans screaming

“i think we’re here” he says laughing

you get next to hima dn look out the window too

“woah that’s a lot of people!” you say. “i’m sure there’s more people packed inside too seeing that this is a sold out show” diggy says

you continue to look out the window and smile and thinkWow he has come so far!

soon Mb get’s to the door too

“aye diggy!” roc says. “hey bro” diggy says. “who’s this?” prince asks as he points to you

“my bestfriend, YN” diggy says smiling. “she beautiful” prince says. “thanks” you say

prince nods as jacob latimore walks up to the door too

“hey jacob, this is YN, YN this is jacob” diggy says

“nice to meet you” jacob says as he shakes your hand

the man lets everyone into the dressing rooms area



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 4

“follow me” diggy says as he grabs your hand leading you to and past his dressing room

“where are we going” you ask. “it’s a surprise!” diggy says. diggy leads you to the stage. “wow” you say as you look around. “this is huge!”. “and sold out” diggy adds. “i have something else planned for you tonight too”

“and what is that?” you ask still looking around. “if i tell you then it wont be a surprise now would it?” diggy asks smiling.  ”guess not” you say smiling back at diggy.

“we’d better get back to the dressing room, the show is going to start soon” diggy says

you and diggy head back to the dressing room

“do you ever get scared to go on stage?” you ask. “sometimes, why?” he answers. 

“well, because there’s going to be a lot of people out there, do you ever like think you’re going to mess up?” you ask. “yeah but everytime you fall, you can either get back up and continue like nothing happened or you can stop the show and disappoint millions of people who support you. yeah there will be jokes but who cares!”

you nod and smile



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 5

“how are you always so confident” you ask diggy. “i’m not always confident” he says. “well i mean you have every reason to be! you have millions of girls paying their money and waiting in line just to see YOU! i get lucky if a boy even looks my way i mean look at me” you say

diggy gets upset when you talk down about yourself in front of him. “YN, look, yeah i love my fans to death but they only know half the story, remember when i was the chubby kid with races that got made fun of?” diggy asks. you nod.

“well, they don’t know how i felt when i got made fun of” diggy says “but that’s besides the point, you are amazing, and beautiful any guy would be lucky if YOU even looked HIS way”

“aww thanks D!” you say hugging diggy as you hear a knock at the door. “come in” diggy says.

DJ Spin King walks into the room. “oohh, you busy?” he asks. “nah we just talking” diggy says “this is my bestfriend YN, YN meet spin king”

“nice to meet you YN” spin says. “you too” you reply.

“how old are you YN? spin asks. “17” you quickly reply.

“aye diggy is this the girl you was talking about bringi——” spin begins to say as diggy covers his mouth.

“TO THE SHOOOWWW!!! yeah to the show!!!” diggy say nervously smiling “aye spin king let’s talk……outside”

diggy and spin king walk out the room leaving you alone, and confused

“what was that all about?” spin asks. “she doesn’t know about me bringing her on stage during 4 letter word!” diggy says in a loud whisper. “what you mean she don’t know, why didn’t you tell her?” spin says. “i wanna surprise her!” diggy says



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 6

diggy and spin king walk back into the room to see you busy playing the xbox 

“she plays the game without being forced to? you better put a ring on it!” spin king says playfully nudging diggy’s arm. diggy’s face sort of turns red. “shhh!!! i’m playing the game you’re gonna make me lose!” you say loudly

“Girl please! you’re losing anyways” spin king says laughing”. “i suppose you can do better?” you say pausing the game and looking at spin king. “sure can” he says

“you suck at this game spin!” diggy says laughing. “no i don’t bro i bet i can beat both of yall on it at the same time” spin says. “there’s only one controller though” you say

“that’s why i always come prepared” spin says pulling two more controllers from his back pack. “that’s what i’m talkin bout!” diggy says grabbing a controller

spin king and diggy plug their controllers into the xbox and you set the game to two on one

“so what happens when you lose spin king?” you say giggling. “i won’t but if i lose i’ll go on stage tonight and do anything you want me to” he says. “and when you two lose…….well, let’s just leave that a surprise”

“let the games begin” diggy says

the three begin playing the game, you and diggy are winning so far, but this is just the beginning



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 7

you hear a knock on the dor as you, diggy, and spin king are playing the game. you pause the game as diggy answers the door.

a tall darkskinned man is at the door

“time for sound check diggy, everyone else is finishing up so you may have to wait a few minutes” the man says in a monotone voice

diggy nods then looks at you, giving a signal for you to cut the game off and come with him. diggy follows closely behind the man and so do you and spin king

the name leads the three of you to the stage you can hear Mrs. Right by mindless behavior playing loudly so you begin to dance as you continue to walk. “get it!” spin says laughing

“after Mindless, then it’s Jacob. Jacob shouldn’t take very long so be ready, alright?” the man says. diggy nods and sits down in a near by chair, you sit next to him as Spin King goes into a room to get his things ready.

“sooo…” diggy says awkwardly playing with his hands. “soooo…” you quickly replay back. “uh, you look nice” diggy says.

“um, thanks” you say softly. “well, how have things back home changed since i have been gone” diggy says. “things have been less exciting it seems like ou brought the it factor to Queens or something, i mean it’s still fun but not as fun as when you’re there” you say slightly smiling

“really?” diggy asks “Angela told me you, her and Vanessa have been spending a lot of time together”.

“yup!” you say

“nice to hear that” diggy says smiling.

the music stops and Mb walk over to you and diggy



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 8

the prince and prod sit nest to you as roc and ray sit nest to diggy. “i’m pretty sure this is your girlfriend” prince says. “uh, nooo she’s my bestfriend” diggy says.

“come on now dude, she’s beautiful. either yall are more than “bestfriend’s” you you wanna be more than bestfriends” roc adds. “what are yall talking about?” diggy says looking at them “YN don’t listen to them”

“umm” you says looking at the boys confused. Jacob;s music starts playing drowning out everyone’s voices.

“diggy likes you!” ray scream. “what?!” you scream back. “DIGGY LIKES YOU!” ray screams. “i can’t hear you!” you scream

a look of relief is on diggy’s face, because if jacob’s music wasn’t so loud his secret would of been out

diggy is shooting dirty looks at each of the boys telling them to back off ans shut up

about 20 minutes later jacob’s music fades out and he comes and gets diggy as spin king walks out the room

“come on YN” diggy says. “why do i have to come?” you ask. “just come on!” diggy saus



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 9

you and diggy head to the stage for sound check

“you’ll be sitting right there” diggy says pointing to a seat in the front row. “wow, that’s a really amazing seat!” you say in awe

“only the best for you” diggy says as he winks at you. the sight of him winking at you gives you butterflies, but what? i mean he’s your bestfriend of 8 years, is this normal.

you snap back into reality as diggys music begins to play and he is saying “check 1,2 mic check 1,2”

spin king walks out and tests his turn tables. he starts playing sweet love by chris brown. diggy shoots spin king a dirty look signaling for him to knock it off. Diggy didn’t want any sort of awkward moment to happen that might mess up his plans for later tonight

seeing that diggy was headlining this tour he would be going on stage last

15 minutes pass by and diggy is done with sound check

“time to get dressed” diggy says as he softly grabs your arm and runs to the dressing room

“i can’t stay in here while you change, daniel” you say. “it’s cool, i’ll change in the bathroom” diggy says grabbing his clothes off the rack and walking into the bathroom

you sit down in a chair in front of a huge mirror as diggy’s phone vibrates

“diggy, you’re phone is vibrating!” you yell. “who is it?” diggy says. you lean over and look at his phone “it’s a text from spin king” you say.

diggy bursts out the bathroom door in just his underwear and his pants around his ankles

diggy falls to the floor but quickly gets up and grabs his phone then runs back into he bathroom falling one more time



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 10

you cover you mouth and laugh at diggy, who just made a fool of himself. What is he hiding? you think.

You quietly walk out the dressing room and knock on Jacob’s dressing room door, that is just next door to diggy’s.

jacob opens the door, with his shirt off. “uhh…” you say looking at his abs then quickly back up at his face “um, d-do you know what diggy is hiding? he’s been on edge since we got here”

“oh, uh well you’ll see tonight, i have to go finish getting ready. see you soon” jacob says smiling at you then closing the door.

“what does he mean by that?” you think

you make your way back into the dressing room, where diggy is sitting at the big mirror texting on his phone as he looks at you.

“where’d you go?” diggy softly asks. “Oh, uh i just asked jacob something” you say sitting in the chair next to him

“oh ok” diggy says continuing to text

“so when do you go on stage?” you ask. “in about an hour” he answers

“that’s a long time” you says sighing



Diggy simmons imagine pt. 11

“well, that’s just enough time for you to get in this outfit and get your hait and makeup done!” diggy says showing you this outfit

“i love it!” you say “but it’s not like i’m going anywhere, why’d you get it and why am i getting hair and makeup done?”“

“you’ll see” diggy says smiling as a man  walks into the room “just go with the flow

“o-ok” you say looking confused as diggy leaves the room

“ok baby girl, time to make you beautiful starting with this amazing hair!”he says as he takes out your poneytail “you’re such a pretty girl, why is you hair tied up in this poneytail?”

“i don’t know what else to do with it” you say softly. “well honey i’m going to teach you some tricks” he says as he turns you to face the mirror “just watch me, and maybe you’ll get some inspiration!”