Diggy Simmons Imagine (sequel) part 3

"get out of my face daniel!" you say. diggy doesn’t listen. he just goes on and on with his little rant. you were not even listening at this point you slid under his arms to get away from him. he grabs your arm and slams you back into the wall. "Ouch diggy what the hell!" you scream. you get fed up a just kind of lose it, you slap diggy right across the face. making a shocked look grow on his face.

diggy unpins you from the wall and walks over to the bed. you’re still angry but you walk over to him. you could tell he was holding back from hitting you. diggy quickly gets up and screams “you know what! im going to be ungrateful too, get on your knees… NOW!” you being scared you did as he said.  diggy starts to circle around you saying “i bust my ass daily for you, and never get a thank you. you always think im cheating just because i don’t text you back a few times BECAUSE im working to keep your stupid ass happy!”

"im not stupid!" you scream". "SHUT UP!" diggy screams back. you were really scared, what was he doing to do? was he going to hurt you? or something worse. diggy angrily laughs and says "you’re accusing me of cheating me so much that i would think YOU’RE cheating, why YN? why do you think im cheating? why do you put me through hell? huh". "i don’t put you through hell" you say softly.

"well what do you call these last few months then?" diggy says. you try to get up. but diggy screams "Get back on your knees NOOWW!" you do as your told not daring to get back up. "all we do is argue YN, you don’t know how much i care for you but it’s slowly fading away before of you being insecure " diggy says. "im not insecure, you’re a liar" you growl

"i’m a what?" diggy says roughly picking your chin up "wanna repeat that?". i tear flows down your face. when diggy sees the tear he slowly lets go of your chin, as if he regrets yelling at you or something. "and now you wanna cry and make me look like the bad guy" he says. "you always flip things on me, and im tired of it!" you scream. "shut up before someone calls the feds over here!" diggy says.


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