Jacob Latimore imagine pt. 1

you and jacob have been dating for 3 years now. on a off. it seemed like one day you hate him and the next day you love him

today marks 3 years of this bullshit

you have been trying to call jacob for the past hour, it goes to voicemail

you get pissed so you hop in the shower put on some basketball shorts and a tank top and flop on the bed and flip through the channels

shortly after you get comfortable you have a incoming call from jacob

you smirk and ignore his call giving him a taste of his own medicine

jacob calls nonstop so you finally give in and pick the phone up

you- HELLO! *in a loud tone*

jacob- why the hell aint you pickin the phone up?

you- i could ask you the same thing

jacob- don’t turn it on me YN

you- why not? do you even know what today is?

jacob- uh Thursday?


you quickly hang the phone up

jacob didn’t even know what today was. you were sure this was the end of it all so you text jacob saying “i can’t do this, i’m leaving when you come home i wont be here. my brother will be here tomorrow to get my things”

jacob doesn’t reply

as you pick up your purse and head to the front door jacob bursts in the house

jacob- why are you leaving?

you- move jacob

jacob- *blocking the door way* no why are you leaving?

you- you obviously don’t care about me enough to come home at night or to remember what today is

jacob- i told you it’s thursday


jacob- *his head drops and his looks at the floor* i’m so sorry YN i just got so much going on

you- mhm like what? you don’t do shit

jacob- dealing with your bipolar ass

you- so now i’m bipolar? nigga move!

jacob- *slams the door shut* you’re not leaving


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