Jacob Latimore imagine pt. 2

you- yes i am, move jacob

jacob- no *grabbing your hand and walks up to your room*

you- *flopping on the bed* leave me alone jacob

jacob- no we are going to talk this out

you- what’s the point? i call you all day you send me to voicemail but you get pissed when i do it, end of story

jacob- so what!

you- what do you mean so what? get out my face jacob

jacob- no, i love you YN and you keep wanting me to just leave and get out of your face. but what you don’t realize is that once i’m gone i aint coming back. EVER!

you- and?

jacob- you are such a bitch sometimes i can’t believe i put up with you for 3 years

you- me? bitch? 

you slap the mess out of jacob and walk to the other side of the room leaving him standing there holding his  face

jacob- did you just hit me!

you- naw i kissed you, dumbass

jacob- *walking up to you* you know you’re gonna pay for this right?

you- *pushing jacob out of your way* move jacob! *sitting back on the bed*

jacob stands in front of you and roughly pushes you down on the bed

you- ouch jacob! damn move away from me *trying to sit up*

jacob- no *hovering over you* why are you such a bitch?

you- i’m not a bitch you are

jacob- *snickering* i can’t be a bitch

you- oh yeah? well y-

before you can finish jacob crashed his lips onto yours

i’m guessing you being pissed turned him on

you push jacob off your face

you- what the hell? *wiping your mouth*

jacob just smiles and puts his lips back on yours

- Tbc -

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