Chris Brown imagine pt 1

you and chris have been on and off for about 3 years. You can’t stand him sometimes but something keep pulling you back. Chris is always gone on tour, leaving you in your big house alone with nobody to talk to.

considering the fact that your family wants nothing to do with you because of Chris.

One day you randomly get a text from Chris———


Chris- hey baby i miss you

you- hey Chris i miss you too. wyd

chris- chillin, you ok over there by yourself?

you- np :( when are you coming home!

chris- :(. this record label has be working my ass off, sorry baby. look i got you something to keep you company

you- a vibrator?

chris- lol no! something else. i’ll call you tomorrow when it’s there ok?

you- ok?

chris- alright i have to go, the show is about to start, love you

you- love you too.

you lightly throw your phone, get in the shower and change into a baggt misfits shirt and some sweat pants. you throw your semi wet hair into a messy bun and watch tv until you doze off to sleep.

-The next morning

you get woken up with a call from Chris

chris- goodmorning baby!

you- *yawning* goodmorning babe

chris- now, i want you to slip some shoes on and look outside like i told you to do last night

you- mhm, ok *hanging up the phone*


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