Maury inspired Ray and Roc imagine pt. 4

maury- settle down, settle down, now, Ray Ray are you going to be there for your child now?

ray- yeah, imma step up!

prince- *screaming* that’s a got damn lie Maury! he know he aint! that’s right YN i got your back

you- *running off stage and giving prince a high 5 then sitting back down*

maury- Roc are you going to be a proper uncle to baby Jordan?

 roc- *texting* huh? yeah, um sure. look, i gotta go i got a booty call here in about 30 minutes, BYE! *running off stage*

you- who’s the hoe nooowwwww KEISHA!


ray- aye prince how you gon be on HER side?

prince- because i can be ahhhhaaaa

you- *laughing* GOT EM!

ray- i don’t see how we gon’ raise a baby with us not liking eachother

you- oh i hate you, i don’t just not like you

ray- SEE!

maury- now i’m sure we can work something out, bring Jordan out!

a white lady with long blonde hair dressed in all black comes out carrying your son Jordan

crowd- awwww

you- take your baby ray!

ray grabs the baby and hold’s him awkwardly

you- don’t drop my baby nigga

ray glares at you then stares at Jordan, and smiles

maury- looks like they are bonding

you- looks like he wants to eat him

crowd- *laughing*

maury- well, that’s all for today YN and ray will attend couples therapy for the better care of baby Jordan!


you like?

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