Til death do us part Jacob Latimore imagine pt 2

you imagine that it will be him sweeping you off your feet, you know like the people in the movies

as soon as you begin to daydream in depth the teacher calls your name. “Yn” she says “your mother is here at the office, she wants your ready to go”. you nod and quickly grab your things and head to your locker.

once you see your locker, there’s someone standing next to it. your vision is sort of blurry so you slowly walk to your locker and closer to the person.

you look up and see that it is none other than Mr. Jacob Latimore. you immediately drop everything and jump into his arms. “oh my gosh Jacob!” you squeal “i though you were coming tomorrow?!”

"I couldn’t wait that long" jacob says as he kisses you

"but what about your show tonight?" you ask. "got canceled because of weather " jacob says

"is my mom even really here?" you ask. "yeah, she agreed that we could go on our first official date. it’s just gonna be me and you all day" jacob says with a smile

you smile back and pick up your things, and unlock your locker stuffing everything inside as you and jacob walk away hand in hand.

"Jacob?" you say. "yeah?" he answers.

"how in the hell did you get in here without every girl within 50 miles of this place running after you?" you say jokingly

"it wasn’t easy" jacob says laughing

-To Be Continued- 

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