Til death do us part Jacob Latimore imagine pt 3

"I bet" you reply

you and jacob reach the office where you mom is waiting. “mom, what did jacob have to do to convince you to do this?” you ask as you hug her tightly. “he’s a good kid, and i trust him. just don’t get in too much trouble okay?” your mom replies. “well come on let’s go”

you,jacob and your mom head out the the car. you get into the front seat, your mom gets into the drivers seat, and jacob gets into the back seat.

"so where should i drop you two off?" you mom asks. "at the mall please, i got the owner to let only us in so we’re not surrounded by fans" jacob says

"jacob you didn’t have o do all that for me" you say looking back at him. "but i wanted to" he says

you all pull up at the mall, you say goodbye and love you to your mom as she drives off leaving you and jacob alone for the rest of the day.

"where should we go first?" jacob asks. "i have no idea, this whole mall is empty we can do what ever we want!" you say

"wanna run around?" jacob asks with a big smile on his face

"YES!" you quickly reply "race you to theĀ fountain"

you and jacob take off running!

you beat him to the fountain just by a few steps.

you and jacob sit down on it trying to catch your breath and laugh at the same time.

"i…beat…you!" you say. "you…got..lucky!" jacob says back.

*To Be Continued*

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